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Limra Hospitality Private Limited is a travel company that specialises in packaged and customised wildlife holidays across India with a focus on wildlife and photography tours. Run by environmentally conscious entrepreneurs and backed by a highly motivated team of travel and hospitality professionals and experts. We specialise in tours designed around bird-watching, wildlife and photographic travel throughout India. We provide quality travel services including accommodation, transport, jeep safari and guiding services, while maintaining highest standards in safety and luxury with thrust on the minutest requirements of travellers.

The organization was founded by Abbas A Zaidi in 2002 as a small inbound tourism operation based in New Delhi, with a prestigious list of global clients including Coca Cola (UK), Pure Yoga (USA), California WoW (USA), Swanson Wines (USA), Sanrio Smiles(Japan), Oracle (USA). He got involved in wildlife tourism in 2005 and ran a property called Jungle Niwas in Ranthambore National Park, which received excellent reviews from clients. With excellent networking in both the domains of wildlife and hospitality, he is always ready to respond to the call of the wild, with cameras and survival kits ready for another sojourn into the wilderness.

Responsible Travel Limra Hospitality functions with a sense of responsibility towards the long-term future of India's natural and cultural heritage by minimising the impact of our operations. Committed to encourage activities and practices that help local communities, we try to explore ways to keep our tours friendly towards eco-sensitive wilderness as well as local communities, with a consciousness towards minimizing negative impact on environment while contributing to the well-being of host communities.

Usually users who visit on this is site; think this site is might be the official website of Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve or Tadoba-Andhari National Park. But, it is not true; this is a private tour and Travel Company’s website. You can say that they are approved by the Ministry Of Tourism (Govt. Of India) belongs to such an individuals who deal in online Tadoba safari booking, online Tadoba jeep safari booking, online Tadoba forest lodge booking, online Tadoba elephant safari booking, Tadoba Jungle booking, online Tadoba safari booking, online Tadoba jungle tour packages, online Tadoba Jeep and Jungle safari booking, online Tadoba forest resort booking, Tadoba online jeep booking, Tadoba Tiger Reserve, online Tadoba jungle safari booking, Tadoba national park booking, Tadoba-Andhari National Park, online Tadoba resorts, hotels booking, online Tadoba forest rest house booking and Online Tadoba-Andhari National Park packages booking. We are bound to follow the same rules and regulations which are directed by The Tadoba Tiger Reserve & Maharashtra Government. The source of the data & information relating to Tadoba national park is also available on the official website of Tadoba tiger reserve.

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