Tiger Trail Jungle Lodge Tadoba

About Tiger Trail Jungle Lodge

Tiger Trails lodge sits on a small knoll overlooking the pond to the south and dense forest to the north. All around are the hills of the Tiger reserve. To the south, it also offers a panoramic view of the Irai lake. The lodge has four bedrooms each with a different veiw of the forest. The rooms have separate terraces from where guest can relax, view wildlife while being served meals. The lodge is of three star standard. Tiger Trails is a wild get-away, deep inside tiger country, where only a stripped shadow will prowl outside your window.

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is 623 sq. kms in area, consisting of two forested rectangles of the Tadoba and Andhari range. Thickly clad hills form the north and western boundary of the Tiger Reserve. Half way along the western boundary of the Park, the hill contours, to form the Chichghat valley. This valley is the Tiger Trails estate. It is ringed on three sides by the Park forest. To the south is the Irai lake, approx. 20 kms in length and forming the southwestern boundary of the Tiger Reserve. The main water source at Chichghat, is the Tadoba rivulet, which cascades down the rocky hills to the north of the valley, flows through the camp and onwards to the Irai lake..

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